"Tawdry Tamar"
A sweet layer of Date Nut flavored
Almond Nut brittle covered in white or
dark chocolate with a signet ring
They may not have lived in Colorado, but the only females listed in the genealogy of Jesus were
also women of ‘ill repute.’ These five are on record for a mix of prostitution, incest, lying,
adultery, paganism and pregnancy outside of wedlock. Familiar with reproach, they aptly
forecast his life and purpose—restoration. Christ embraced the outcasts and offered ‘the rest’ of
their story. Given his heritage, it’s no wonder Jesus loved the harlots.
Tamar was twice widowed and then
denied the right to legitimate offspring
by Onan, her brother-in-law and
Judah, her father-in-law. Desperate for
a child, Tamar veils herself as a harlot
and tricks Judah into sleeping with
her. She asks for his signet and staff
as a “pledge” until payment is
received. These items later prove
Judah the father, saving Tamar from
the death penalty for promiscuity. Her
choices were very controversial, and
whether we agree with them or not,
God used her to shield the Jewish
race from extinction. Tamar means
‘date palm,’ a name that suggests
strength, food, shade and life.
"Redeemed Ruth"
Malt and passion fruit flavored white
chocolate dipped in sweetened dark
chocolate and sprinkled with organic
Ruth is a shortened version
of ‘retut’, which means ‘lovely
friend.’ She devoted her life to
her mother-inlaw, Naomi,
choosing to live as a foreign
peasant instead of returning
to her own people. When the
opportunity arose, she made
herself “available” to Boaz,
Naomi’s relative. He, in
return, married Ruth,
securing both women’s
futures and establishing
their legacy for generations.
"Beautiful Bathsheeba"
Lavendar and Creme Bath infused
milk chocolate, dipped half in white,
half in dark chocolate and sprinkled
with organic lavendar flowers
Bathsheba, with her husband Uriah
away in battle, was discovered by
King David bathing on her rooftop.
Blinded by desire David slept with her
even though he knew Uriah well. After
failing to cover-up that Bathsheba
carried his son, David had her
husband killed. There were
consequences for Bathsheba's
adultery, but there was also,
admission, forgiveness and
restoration. Though she was torn
between two men, Bathsheba found
grace and healing. She eventually
became the mother of Solomon, one
of the greatest kings in history.
"Raspberry Rahab"
Organic raspberry flavored naughty
dark chocolate, covered in more dark
chocolate with a hint of vanilla,
adorned with a red ribbon
“Rahab,” meaning large or broad,
was the pagan harlot, who saw
God’s power working through the
Hebrew people and provided them
with a very warm welcome in a
dangerous time and place. She
sent the King’s messengers on a
false trail and helped Joshua’s
spies escape from Jericho before
they were captured. Her risk gave a
new definition to lying for love!
When all of Jericho was destroyed,
Rahab hung a scarlet cord* from
her window and her family was
saved. She became the great
grandmother of King David. She is
mentioned twice in ways that
suggest that her faith was
somehow one of the greatest
examples of faith in Scripture. We
like to call her REhab-Rahab
because in just a few generations
her offspring were some of the most
respected in the community.
*The Hebrew word for “scarlet
cord” is tiqvah, sometimes
translated “hope.”
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"Miraculous Mary"
Kahlua-soaked dried organic
cranberry wrapped in bitter dark
chocolate and coated in 100% PURE
white chocolate
Mary, like her name (Mara in Hebrew means “bitter”) experienced bitter
circumstances throughout her life. Miraculously pregnant without the
assistance of her betrothed, her reputation was undeservedly tarnished.
She didn’t allow this to define her identity or purpose, but rather yielded her
whole self to God, bearing Jesus to the world. Maybe she will inspire you to
accept the unconventional and live an extraordinary life.
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