Our "girls" are a feast for your eyes and warm your heart, though it is best
their little hearts are not warmed en route. So, to maximize your
experience, we do whatever we can to ensure your chocolates arrive in
the best possible condition. The information below reflects our shipping
recommendations and policies.

If their final destination is in a warm weather climate, we will dress them
in special packaging which requires an additional $20 minimum plus
express shipping. Exceptionally large orders may require a bit more. We
recommend that if you are in doubt whether you need this, don't take the
risk and provide them the best packaging possible.

We ship primarily via USPS priority to ensure your product arrives in the
best possible condition at the lowest possible cost. USPS delivers most
orders in 1-4 days.

Shipping Policy
Copyright 2009 The Chocolate Bordello, LLC - PO Box 305 Fairplay, CO 80440 - 719-836-4440 - info@chocolatebordello.com

* To limit time in transit, we do not ship orders over the weekends.
* If the recipient's address is very warm, we may contact you about changing your
shipping to Overnight.
* For shipping to multiple locations, please give us a call (719-836-4440).


* Double check your recipient's address before submitting your order. TCB cannot be
responsible for orders delayed or returned due to incorrect or undeliverable addresses
provided by the customer.
* Make sure you have your order shipped to someplace where your chocolates won't
sit outside in the heat. We recommend using a business address if nobody can be
home to receive them.


* Our chocolates are best enjoyed within 3 weeks of receipt. If you would like to store
them longer by refrigeration, first wrap the box tightly in plastic or place in a zippered
bag with an airtight seal. When you are ready to enjoy them, let the chocolates come to
room temperature before you unwrap them.
* We use nuts in our kitchen. If you are allergic to nuts of any kind, we advise you,
regretfully, to avoid our chocolates.