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Our Mad Scientist Chocolatier, Michael, is a recovering
software industry executive with a lifetime appetite for fine
chocolate the likes of a jilted 13 year old girl. He graduated
with honors from the prestigious eCole Chocolat,
specializing in truffles, and received additional training
from a master chocolatier in Tallinn, Estonia.

Susan, our creative designer and wordmistress, is a former
industrial engineer with a voracious appetite for design,
research, history and dramatic life transformation. She has
discovered a passion for the sometimes darker side of the
CO mountain mining culture, and how we can all learn a
bit about ourselves through their stories.

We were first comforted and inspired by truffle making
during a bittersweet experience overseas. Encouraged
by the ancient recipes of a master chocolatier in
Estonia, and the parallel of truffles and people, we
began our own journey of chocolate discovery. Like
many of the finer things in our lives, we began late
(we dated and married after knowing each other for
over 10 years), but caught up quickly.

In addition to chocolate making, we spend our days as
personal and corporate coaches, helping people
navigate life to discover, become and maximize the
person they were created to be. We know that another
cannot define your life, we just love to do what we can
to make that life a little sweeter.
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